Sharene always feels rewarded with a new face to naturally compliment and artistically stylise. Bringing out beautiful features with techniques and products specifically applied with longevity and skin health being a priority.

With experience spanning over 10 years Sharene has developed a reputation for her professionalism and passion and continues to travel throughout Western Australia doing what she loves as a qualified freelance makeup artist.

The watercolour Illustration featured was commissioned by artist Elisa Mazzone to represent the nostalgia of the origin of Sharenes talents expressed from a young age. Using the tools available, each of the faces within her sketch books were the priority of her artistic expression as a child. Now as a mother, Sharene enjoys seeing the same artistic flair expressed by her children and her supportive husband is fortunately creative in the kitchen! 

As an artist Sharene enjoys the freedom of creativity and expression and continually challenges herself in an ever changing and exciting industry.


Our Story

Following their passion individually in the beginning, It seems only natural that sisters Sharene and Teneil would find themselves often working alongside each other in their creative industries. They share the same ethics, and pride themselves professionally on their ability to work seamlessly together.

The bond between sisters is unique, they have experienced many of the same events which have moulded their personalities and therefore they understand one another in a way that no one else can.

Teneil has converted a 19th Century Shopfront into a beautiful studio space where they work collectively. .........and so the cycle of inspiration continues…

A special thanks to Teneil for making the time to produce this website and providing the images featured.